C.O.D Digestion Apparatus

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C.O.D Digestion Apparatus

C.O.D Digestion Apparatus
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C.O.D. Digestion Apparatus is used to determine the chemical oxygen demand. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of C.O.D. Digestion Apparatus. Our specially manufactured C.O.D. Digestion Apparatus are in great demand owing to its excellent quality and good functioning.


  • Provision for 15 samples.
  • Outer chamber made out of M.S sheet duly powder coated.
  • Highly efficient heater for super fast heating.
  • Glass wool insulation filled between both for reduce thermal losses & power consumption
  • Fitted with a digital Micro Processor PID Controller having a timer for 2 hours and also a buzzer.
  • Consists of a reaction vessel of 38-40mm.
  • Supplied with 15 nos. glass reaction vessels.
  • Fitted with 15 nos. air condensers.
  • Supplied complete with a stand which can accommodate 15 vessels.
  • Can be operated on 230 volts, 50 Hz, and Single phase.
  • Working Temp. 150°C & Maximum Temp. 250°C.
  • With Glass Part & S.S. Stand.
Size with Glass Part
6 Hole
9 Hole
12 Hole
15 Hole
18 Hole
21 Hole
24 Hole

We are also Manufacturing Complete S.S. GMP model.