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Seed Germinator

Seed Germinator
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Germinators are useful for seed testing, biological studies, forestry research works etc.With a solid see thru double walled door and a full view inner plexi-glass door enables inspection and monitoring of inner chamber specimens without disturbing the process temperature. Excellent quality magnetic gum packing door gasket for external door. User- oriented design of shelves makes you adjust each space of shelves without difficulty. Forced air circulation at triple walled back by durable coaxial blower, maintains optimum temperature uniformity and homogeneity.

  • High grade PUF INSULATION between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses.
  • Caster wheel mounted for easy portability.
  • Front double walled door is provided with lock and key arrangement.
  • Illumination FLT Tube is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility.
  • Finned tube evaporator facilitates uniform and faster cooling effects.
  • Safety Thermostat to prevent overheating.

Forced: Convection Type
Freezer Compressor: Hermetically sealed air cooling compressor system
Temperature Range: 10°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C to Better
Humidity Creation: Through sophisticated steam injection process.
Humidity Range: 5% above ambient from 40% to 95%RH at cool temperatures.
Humidity Accuracy: ±3%RH
MOC Outer: Powder coated CRC Steel Sheet
MOC Inner: Chamber and trays made of Stainless Steel S.S.
Evaporator: Finned tube evaporator for faster cooling effects
Safety: Over temperature limiter switch prevents overheating
Insulation: High density PUF insulation for tighter temperature controls
Illumination (OPTION)

  • Fitted with Microprocessor based TEMPERATURE-HUMIDITY CONTROLLER
  • Temperature sensors : PT-100 (Resolution 0.1C)
  • Humidity Sensors: Capacitive.
  • Program Lock to avoid any changes in control parameters by unauthorized people.
Size Cap
505 X 830 X 415mm 6 Cu.ft
570 X 875 X 550mm 10 Cu.ft
650 X 900 X 550mm 12 Cu.ft