Ultra Low Chambers

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Project Description

Ultra Low Chambers

Ultra Low Chambers
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The Microprocessor Controllers

  • Multi-Position key switch on, off and set temperature with membrane keyboard control panel
  • Visual and audible Alarm System such as low-Battery alarm, Condenser temp alarm, power failure alarm high-low temperature alarm
  • Digital display set and present temperature
  • Standard Dry contacts

Refrigeration System

  • Single stage cooling system for -45°C
  • Cascade stage cooling system for -86°C
  • Hermetically sealed cooling system
  • Cold air is protected by the insulated inner plastic doors
  • Efficient evaporator with maximum contact to chamber watts for fast cooling down
  • Thickness 130mm, high density polyurethane foamed insulation
  • CFC Free refrigerants

Technical Structure

  • The reliable and durable Bristol compressors and quite remaining fans with low noise level around 50 DBA
  • Heavy-duty casters with built-in adjustable stands
  • Stainless steel Chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Built-in 3 access port for checking inside
  • Heated door seals by hot gas defrosting system prevents ice to build up
  • Automatic voltage compensator protects electric ports form the damages by electric Fluctuation
  • Start relays and capacitors minimize electrical load and reduce the energy consumption
  • Optional Co2
  • Dual layered air insulated inner doors retain cold air in chamber

Quality Control

  • Temperature test of each compartment
  • Insulated test
  • Pressure test of refrigeration system
  • Overloading & Overheating tests with difference voltage and cycles
Cu. Ft. Size
3 90 ltr
6 170 ltr
10 280 ltr
12 340 Ltr
16 440 Ltr